Experience the gift of being seen, acknowledged and supported to be your fully embodied, sacred self. Enter into a deeper way of being by opening to your intuition, your dreams and the voice of your heart. 

Slow down and drop in with Christine as your guide. Luxuriate in beauty and your feminine essence. If you are in need of some "time out of time" you have found the right person to open you to your inner worlds.  

Through your sacred journey with Christine you will come to know yourself on the deepest levels. Discover who you are through sharing, meditation, sound healing with Celtic harp, crystal bowls, chimes, angel harp and Christine's exquisite voice and an array of healing arts including Anointing with Holy Oils, Master level Reiki and Restorative Bodywork. Other elements we might play with include dance, movement, singing, walking the labyrinth and being in nature. 

You will end your time with Christine feeling nourished, inspired and energized to move gracefully through your life with joy and purpose. We draw from the latest understandings of how we co-create the reality we experience and use intention, clarity and deep inner listening to create our heart's desire. 

Formats include private, one on one retreats at your home or other inspiring location, special gatherings for intimate circles of women and mother/daughter groups. 

Christine has been supporting people on their healing journeys for 30 years all over the U.S.

Please contact her at christine@christinetulis.com to discuss creating your ideal healing retreat, rates and availability.