Listening to Christine's music is like being in Eden.”

— R.Q.

...I've also been constantly listening to Christine's music; it's just fabulous! She has a phenomenal talent for meditative music.” - B. B.
I feel connected to something ancient and transcendent through this music.” - L. K.
Christine and Kem's music facilitates inner communion with the Divine.” - C.B.
Christine's music always brings me back to Source, Spirit and the love of God.” - D. O.
Christine's music effortlessly transports me to a peaceful, empowered, magical place. Her sung and spoken Rumi verse has its own personal gifts.” - A. G.
Portal is beautiful, amazing, magical and wonderful. I love it!!!!” - J. W.
Applause on your lovely CD, Portal. As a massage therapist, and a music lover, I can say my collection of healing music is extensive. Your CD is at the top of my list for playing and recommending.” - D. D.
Thank you for the Beautiful performance. I want you to know how much the evening meant to me. Christmas is the most spiritual time of year for me and it was wonderful to have an experience that was truly focused on connecting to spirit. I stayed to the end and was so glad I did. Tears came to my eyes when you played "I Know You Are Near." Thank you for such a beautiful gift.” - R. W.