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Sea of Dreams

Christine Tulis

A lustrous collection of songs revealing hidden dimensions of the soul and the Divine core at the heart of all. Inspired lyrics drawn from the poetry of Rumi, writings of St. Teresa of Avila and Christine’s contemplative experiences.

Sea of Dreams, the follow up to Christine’s award-winning CD PORTAL, is an invitation into the center of the heart. Titles like Radiant Spirit of Love, I Know You Are Near, Sea of Dreams and Interior Castle provide a glimpse of the spiritual gems contained in this CD. Filled with the subtle beauty of the harp and Christine’s transcendent voice, the lyrics of these songs are universal and an inspiration to anyone on a love centered spiritual path.

Harpist, singer and healing artist Christine Tulis is a visionary, pioneering transformational combinations of music, healing arts and sacred performance. She creates music intended to deepen the awareness of our Divine Essence.

She has a deep love for the spiritual and healing qualities of the harp and its archetypal role as an awakener of the sacred - a link between heaven and earth, the inner and outer worlds. Christine began playing the harp after a life changing mystical experience as a result of encountering the instrument live for the first time in 1987.

The harp has an ancient history of being used to facilitate healing, access spiritual vision and travel inwardly to celestial realms. Christine is one of the contemporary players continuing this sacred lineage.

Christine has performed for two United Nations events and during Labyrinth pilgrimage at Chartres Cathedral, France. She has also played at the International Symposium on Spirituality and Business, Babson College, Harvard University, Lesley University, Naropa University, the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, as well as numerous churches, healing centers and yoga studios.

She has forged a musical partnership with multi-percussionist Kem Stone based on a mutual love of sacred music. Kem creates soundscapes for the soul using a variety of exotic world instruments.

Christine's debut CD, PORTAL, created with Kem and released on her record label Sound Temple Music in 2007, won the Moondance International Film Festival Gaia Award for Spiritual Music. This award is presented to those who seek to elucidate and improve the spiritual quality of all life on the planet and contribute to the betterment of the world spirit.

Christine loves to collaborate with fellow leaders in the fields of spirituality, sacred music and human potential. She has played for the Evenings with Extraordinary People series featuring Caroline Myss, collaborated with yogini Shiva Rea, toured with Kirtan artist Dave Stringer, created music for Labyrinth walks with Lauren Artress, founder of Veriditas, and opened for author, religious scholar and teacher Andrew Harvey. She has also played with sacred musicians Snatam Kaur and Guru Ganesha Singh.

She has been a guest artist on numerous radio shows, Toronto morning television, the popular New England TV news program Chronicle and her music is played in healing centers across the nation.

She is a Veriditas trained Labyrinth facilitator. Walking the Labyrinth is an ancient, contemplative practice held sacred by numerous cultures east and west. A walking meditation, it is an opportunity to let go, listen deeply and traverse your inner landscape.

Christine spends her time creating sacred music performances called Sound Temples, composing new music, offering workshops and giving private healing sessions.

A Sound Temple is a meditative musical journey. During a Sound Temple you will be immersed in a devotional atmosphere created with Celtic harp, voice, keyboard and percussion, blended with the exquisite spiritual imagery of Rumi's verse and Christine's original songs celebrating the Divine Spirit in all.

The purpose of the Sound Temple is to open inner gateways of spiritual connection and affirm our universal, Divine nature. Developed by Christine Tulis and Kem Stralka, the Sound Temple is a pioneering new format for experiencing music and sacred verse as a healing art.

The vibrational field of a Sound Temple creates an opportunity to relax and promotes the qualities of inner peace and stillness. Sound Temples are intended to strengthen these beneficial states so that they may positively impact people's daily lives, giving access to the well of peace and bliss at the deepest core of the Self. Rhythm, percussion and drumming are also used to help ground people after their inner travels and to help them embody the gifts they may have received while listening to the contemplative pieces.

Sound Temples are a haven for the spirit. They create a musical doorway to inner worlds where the soul can remember its luminous origins and be nourished at a level beyond words - the level of being.

In addition to her musical pursuits, Christine is an extraordinary healing arts practitioner who combines massage therapy, energy healing and sound. She has created two healing art forms, Sound Temple Bodywork and Harmonic Touch, out of her 20 years in practice as a healing artist and sacred musician.

Christine travels widely to perform and give healing sessions. A Massachusetts native, she maintains homes in Boulder, CO and the San Francisco Bay Area. She delights in sharing her unique blend of offerings to promote the well-being of others and assist them in cultivating inner peace and spiritual connection.

She is the founder and director of Sound Temple Music and Healing Arts, her multi-faceted music business, healing arts practice and record label.

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Christine Tulis

Contemplative and healing, this music transports you to a deep state of tranquility. Sumptuous Celtic harp, piano, cello and crystal bowls. A complete immersion into meditation.

Winner of the 2008 Gaia Award for Spiritual Music from the Moondance International Film Festival. This sumptuous music transports you to a deep state of tranquility through Celtic harp, piano, keyboard, flute, cello, crystal bowls and angelic, atmospheric vocals. Created using sound healing principles, Portal is excellent for massage, energy work, yoga and relaxation. Contemplative and healing music at its finest.

The harp has been used throughout history in numerous civilizations around the world to facilitate healing, access spiritual vision and connect with the celestial and angelic realms.

Christine Tulis is a healing artist, harpist, singer, mystic and award-winning composer exploring the spiritual and healing qualities of the harp and the power of music to connect us to our hearts and inspired states of being. Her music is created out of a deep love of the harp and its archetypal role as a link between heaven and earth. She is devoted to creating musical experiences that open inner gateways and support spiritual awakening. Christine began playing the harp after a life changing spiritual experience the first time she heard the instrument live during the summer of 1987.

Christine has performed internationally including at two United Nations events, Chartres Cathedral, France, Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, as well as numerous other locations in the U.S. and Canada. Her music has been featured on television and radio and is played in healing centers across the nation.

She has forged a partnership with multi-percussionist Kem Stone based on a mutual love of music and it's transformational power. Kem is a composer and recording artist who creates soundscapes for the soul using a variety of exotic world instruments.

This their debut CD, won the Moondance International Film Festival's Gaia Award for Spiritual Music. This award is presented to those who seek to elucidate and improve the spiritual quality of all life on the planet and contribute to the betterment of the world spirit.

"Listening to Christine's music is like being in Eden." R.Q.

...I've also been constantly listening to Christine's music; it's just fabulous! She has a phenomenal talent for meditative music. B. B.

I feel connected to something ancient and transcendent through this music. L. K.

"Christine and Kem's music facilitates inner communion with the Divine." C.B.

"Christine's music always brings me back to Source, Spirit and the love of God." D. O.

Christine's music effortlessly transports me to a peaceful, empowered, magical place. A. G.

Portal is beautiful, amazing, magical and wonderful. I love it!!!! J. W.

Applause on your lovely CD, Portal. As a massage therapist, and a music lover, I can say my collection of healing music is extensive. Your CD is at the top of my list for playing and recommending. D. D.

Dear Christine, Thank you for your beautiful music. I listened to your CD Portal as I walked the Chartres labyrinth in France a week ago and was transported to a place of peace, stillness and quiet. On the labyrinth, with your music on my IPOD at the high noon spot (at the top of the labyrinth facing the altar within the Cathedral), I found a place of...

Shedding Melting Softening Opening Into Bliss

Melting into Graciousness Into soft eyes Into non-judgement Into gratitude Into quiet Into peace

Into bliss.

Thank you!!! B. M.

...your music soothes my world... N. T.

...I immediately went to your website and felt like I had slipped into a private cocoon of peace as I listened to your samples of "Portal".

I am also a Reiki Master/Teacher and I am amazed at your varied background and the marvelous sound healing work you have done, and continue to do, all over the world. What a blessing you are! L. C.

Christine, your song The Pure Realms is outstanding! D. D.

The CD is fantastic! I loved the way you incorporated the percussion and cello. I felt a peaceful state come over me as I listened to the harp and chanting. Well done. G. T.

Some friends gave me a copy of Portal and I just wanted you to know I am enjoying it. Very beautiful and peaceful music. Thank you! S. W.

Christine's CD Portal has been a tremendous blessing to me during a difficult life transition.

As I was preparing to leave my marriage, and as emotions around that choice became increasingly intense and deeply sad, her music not only protected my space from conflict (my husband would come into the room with high, intense emotions, hear her music playing, turn and leave totally diffused of drama), but this music soothed, loved and completely supported and protected my feelings. This music helped me to feel centered, balanced and calm. Healing of my body, mind and spirit happens every time I play Portal.

I am grateful for the true healing energy Christine brings through her music. She reminds me through the beauty of sound, that once again, all is well. L. C.

Christine, thank you so much for the gift of your beautiful music, harp, poetry, voice. I believe you are of the angelic realm. I loved the concert. Left a little early to go home and meditate and fall into dreamland. I was in such a beautiful, uplifted space as I came home. L. T.

I wanted to thank you for your beautiful CD. It is very well done and I wish you great success with it. L. C.

Just thought you might enjoy hearing that your CD has not left our bedside CD-clock-radio since we bought it from you over a year ago. Most tracks provide the perfect wake-up, with their subtle intros. Every now and then I change which track starts the day. J. S.

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