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Harp and Reiki


Welcome to Tranquil Tuesday. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Celtic harp and Christine's crystalline voice for a beautiful, soothing experience that supports you to deeply relax and let go while you also receive Master Level Reiki energy healing sent long distance.

By Donation. ($15 - $30 Suggested but you may give whatever your heart desires. Thank you!)


Sound Bath

Citrine, 489 Magnolia Ave. Suite D, Larkspur, CA

We continue with the theme of Love, Gratitude and the Power of The Radiant Heart for this month's Sacred Sound Bath. We have the ability to transform our world - both inner and outer! Unwind, relax and enjoy a restorative sound healing experience. Let go into the bliss of pure being through intentionally created sound and vibration with Christine and Kem.



Concert at Unity in Marin

Unity in Marin

Join three dynamic spiritual musicians for a special concert at Unity in Marin called Gratitude, Love and the Radiant Heart.

Christine Tulis is a harpist, singer and sound healer who has shared her spiritually evocative music all over the U.S., in France and England for over 3 decades. She is passionate about creating musical experiences that open the heart, inspire the mind and connect the spirit to the outrageous beauty of life and Divine Love. Her songs will transport you to a celestial world of harmony and bliss.

She is joined by Kem Stone on percussion and Schawkie Roth on flutes and sax - two extremely accomplished, amazing musicians. Join us live or via live stream.

$20 (suggested), $10, $5

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