"Listening to Christine's music is like being in Eden."

...I've also been constantly listening to Christine's music; it's just fabulous! She has a phenomenal talent for meditative music.

I feel connected to something ancient and transcendent through this music.

"Christine and Kem's music facilitates inner communion with the Divine."

"Christine's music always brings me back to Source, Spirit and the love of God."

Christine's music effortlessly transports me to a peaceful, empowered, magical place. Her sung and spoken Rumi verse has its own personal gifts.

Portal is beautiful, amazing, magical and wonderful. I love it!!!!

Applause on your lovely CD, Portal. As a massage therapist, and a music lover, I can say my collection of healing music is extensive. Your CD is at the top of my list for playing and recommending.


Thank you for the Beautiful performance. I want you to know how much the evening meant to me. Christmas is the most spiritual time of year for me and it was wonderful to have an experience that was truly focused on connecting to spirit. I stayed to the end and was so glad I did. Tears came to my eyes when you played "I Know You Are Near." Thank you for such a beautiful gift.

It was a high, deep and enchanting evening with your music, voice, gentle guidance into the depths of soul. Deep gratitude is ringing from my heart.
Dear Christine, I am still benefiting from having attended your workshop at the recent Labyrinth Festival. All strength to you. Looking forward to our next meeting on the Path.
Dear Christine, Thank you for your beautiful music. I listened to your CD Portal as I walked the Chartres labyrinth in France a week ago and was transported to a place of peace, stillness and quiet. On the labyrinth, with your music on my IPOD at the high noon spot (at the top of the labyrinth facing the altar within the Cathedral), I found a place of Shedding Melting Softening Opening Into Bliss Melting into Graciousness Into soft eyes Into non-judgement Into gratitude Into quiet Into peace Into bliss. Thank you!!!
...your music soothes my world...
...I immediately went to your website and felt like I had slipped into a private cocoon of peace as I listened to your samples of "Portal". I am also a Reiki Master/Teacher and I am amazed at your varied background and the marvelous sound healing work you have done, and continue to do, all over the world. What a blessing you are!
Hi everybody, Wish I could convey the extraordinary healing Christine offers with her harp. Thanks to friends in my community I experienced Christine's magic which confounded the doctors who took Xrays of me afterwards - a total and complete healing.
Wanted to congratulate YOU on bringing this all to fruition and allowing the channel of love you are its rightful place in our world.
Christine, your song The Pure Realms is outstanding!
The CD is fantastic! I loved the way you incorporated the percussion and cello. I felt a peaceful state come over me as I listened to the harp and chanting. Well done.
Some friends gave me a copy of Portal and I just wanted you to know I am enjoying it. Very beautiful and peaceful music. Thank you!
Christine's CD Portal has been a tremendous blessing to me during a difficult life transition. As I was preparing to leave my marriage, and as emotions around that choice became increasingly intense and deeply sad, her music not only protected my space from conflict (my husband would come into the room with high, intense emotions, hear her music playing, turn and leave totally diffused of drama), but this music soothed, loved and completely supported and protected my feelings. This music helped me to feel centered, balanced and calm. Healing of my body, mind and spirit happens every time I play Portal. I am grateful for the true healing energy Christine brings through her music. She reminds me through the beauty of sound, that once again, all is well.
Just thought you should know the effect your music has. With "Opening", I could not hold back the tears. Was not surprised and glad that others shared the same response. Thank you for being a vehicle for Divine Spirit. Your blessed ways became my blessing.
Thank you so much for the gift of your beautiful music, harp, poetry, voice. I believe you are of the angelic realm. I loved the concert. Left a little early to go home and meditate and fall into dreamland. I was in such a beautiful, uplifted space as I came home.
I wanted to thank you for your beautiful CD. It is very well done and I wish you great success with it.
Just thought you might enjoy hearing that your CD has not left our bedside CD-clock-radio since we bought it from you over a year ago. Most tracks provide the perfect wake-up, with their subtle intros. Every now and then I change which track starts the day.
Your concert was fabulous! The music so exquisite. Your reputation will grow word of mouth as you touch people's Souls. Touched mine!
I am writing to you as I listen to your harp recording "Portal" All I can say is that I have been listening to it non stop for the last 2 hours I especially like the pieces where you are singing. I have a special affinity for the HU chant because this is the sacred word I use during my spiritual exercises every morning. I also love your song called Sound Current. This recording really is incredible. !!!
I love the Portal CD. Brings tears to my eyes -a good thing.
Deeply mystical and spiritually enticing.


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